STEM Book: Ada Twist, Scientist

A Book to Encourage Budding Little Scientists with Great Illustrations and Laughs

On our last library trip, I checked out the book, Ada Twist, Scientist.  And the kids enjoyed it! After reading the book, my son said that he wish we could keep it.

STEM book review: Ada Twist, Scientist

The book is about a little girl who doesn’t speak until she is three years old, BUT when she does start talking, she questions EVERYTHING!   I think it is a good read for both parents and kids.  Ada’s parents get frustrated with her testing everything.  So it is a lesson to parents to be patient with a child who wants to experiment.  We should give our kids some liberty to tinker and to experiment if we really want to encourage them to be little scientists.

For the child, it shows them that it is ok to ask lots of questions, and it’s ok to try to figure out answers to questions through trial and error.

This book is funny and has incredible illustrations.

STEM Book: Ada Twist Scientist

The Ratings from my Kids for the book

My 6 year old son gives it 5 stars (He definitely thought it was funny).  My 9 year old daughter gives it 3 stars (she thought it was a good book and funny but she wanted more adventure).

So if you’re looking for a great book to inspire a budding scientist in your house, check out Ada Twist, Scientist!

A Healthy Science Activity You Can Do With Your Kids

After you’ve read this great book, don’t stop there.  Do a science experiment with your kids!  Kids love pouring things together and making something new.  Check out my blog post about Making Elderberry Syrup with your kids. 

Don’t forget to let your kids do a little investigative research to learn about the benefits of elderberry syrup. For example, let your children do research on the benefits of things such as elderberries, ginger, clove, and raw honey.

A Website with Free Science Curriculum

For a great website that offers FREE science curriculum, check out my blog post Free Engineering Curriculum. This website has tons of STEM lessons and activities.  For example, you can check out this lesson that introduces young children to Chemical Engineering on this awesome website.

So start with the book Ada Twist, Scientist, and then let your kids EXPLORE, EXPLORE, and EXPLORE!





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