Spring and Summer Book Club for Elementary Boys

Christian Book Club for Boys

I have a 6 year old boy who does not like to read.  I would say that I have not made reading very fun for him.  My hopes for him is that one day he will enjoy reading more.  One thing I do try to do is let him pick out books he likes at the library.

I want to announce the beginnings of a Book club for elementary boys. I am hoping that by having a group of boys in a “book club” that my son will become more excited about reading. The plans are for this to be a Spring/Summer book club that will wrap up when school starts back in August.

Book Club for Elementary Boys

Themed Book Club

As it will be somewhat difficult for everyone to find the same book at his library, this is going to be a themed book club. So for example, the first theme is about Cars/trucks. So each boy is to pick a book about cars or trucks for the first meeting.

How Old Should My Son Be

This club is for boys ages 5-10 years old OR for boys in kindergarten thru fifth grades.

What Will the Boys Do at the Meeting

At the meeting, each boy will tell what he liked about the book he selected. With every book theme, there will be an activity so he will also show the project that he made. For this first theme, each boy is to make a balloon powered car or a rubber-band powered car. At the meeting the boy can show his car and report how far it can go. The cars can be made out of something  simple like a water bottle. Just go to youtube to find a video to help your son get started.

What Kinds of Books Can Be discussed

I ask that no books with wizards, magic, fairies, bad language, etc. be discussed at the meetings as this is a Christian book club.

Where Will We Meet?

Unless you live locally, your son will be meeting us virtually using Zoom.  Zoom is like Skype but it allows you to have a large group meeting.  To get the link to participate in the club, please subscribe in the form below.  You will also begin receiving the newsletter for our blog.

 How  Often Are You Planning to Meet?

The first meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at 6 pm EST.  We plan to meet every 2 weeks until about the time school starts back in August.


Will You Start a Girls’ Book Club?

I sure plan to. I hope to start it in May. One of the books I am planning for the girls’ book club to read is the fictional  STEM book I have written called Anna, Kid Engineer. It can be found on AMAZON and ONLINE on Barnes and Noble.

STEM book for kids Anna Kid Engineer

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